Foxdale Equine Assisted Learning (FEAL) CIC
Foxdale, Mill Lane, Oasby, Lincolnshire, NG32 3ND
Tracy Wilson
07980 783321 or 01529 455656
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About Foxdale Equine Assisted Learning (FEAL) CIC

Foxdale Equine Assisted Learning CIC (FEAL) opened in May 2014 in the small rural village of Oasby in  Lincolnshire.
The centre is set in a peaceful, natural environment with an abundance of wild life, a wooded area and an eco pond.  There is a kitchen area and an undercover area for working in along with four horses, which live out all year round in a spacious, six-acre paddock.

FEAL works mainly with people living with dementia, users of mental health services, people with disabilities, people living with brain injuries and children with developmental delays. Our client groups are of all ages ranging from 5 years to 101. 

Tracy Wilson, a registered and qualified Family Social Worker who qualified as an EAQ Certified Facilitator in 2013.


​​​​​​FEAL specialises in working with people living with dementia, young people using mental health services, people living with brain injuries and or serious illness. 

Foxdale is able to offer qualifications through EAQ's accreditation with OCNLR including animal care and employability.


"Thank you to the team at FEAL for welcoming us from the Dementia Support South Lincs and The Square Hole Club, enjoyable as ever. Look forward to our next visit to your lovely centre. Certainly get a great deal out of the time spent with you."

"All of the young people, who were fortunate enough to take part in the FEAL equine project, had their own personal experiences of horse interaction. Every young person was provided with an opportunity to observe and/or interact with horses in a safe and carefully supported environment."

"My understanding of our young people’s difficulties was certainly enhanced, through their interactions with the horses at FEAL. The differences between how horses were approached, how their behaviours were interpreted all increased my insight into how our young people perceive themselves and the world around them."

"Equine therapy at Foxdale made a massive difference to me. It was my highlight of the week and something that I always looked forward to. Most importantly equine at Foxdale gave me something to work towards by keeping myself safe each week. Also after every session I felt more relaxed and less anxious due to the horses, the environment and the people. It is really hard to try and put into words how much I have taken from equine therapy at Foxdale. It has improved my confidence, helped me realise my love for horses, helped me to socialise, helped me to open up and begin letting out emotions, let me have experiences and opportunities I would never have ordinarily had and most importantly has made me happy in so many ways."


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